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"Before FirmPlay, we would post and pray. We quickly realized this was not enough to cut through all the noise and tell our TSP story. FirmPlay allows us to notify employees easily and with a few clicks our message is amplified. Not only does this help spread our TSP story, but our employees are able to build their own personal brands by sharing and commenting on TSP content.”

Chris Skaggs
Senior Director, Talent & Brand Management at TSP


Your employees are your best recruiters. And your key to growth.

FirmPlay gives your employees a simple way to create & share content across their personal & professional networks. Exactly where the best talent lives.



Easily collect employee insights and turn them into engaging, shareable recruiting content - the kind that resonates with top talent. Best of all: no marketing or design resources required.


Discover content you and your employees care about from across the web. From social media to news articles, effortlessly gather interesting content to keep your employees engaged, informed, and sharing.



Turn your employees into content promoters and amplify your social reach by up to 10x. See amazing sharing rates with dedicated employee portals, pre-approved content, and one-click sharing. No copy-pasting, no spreadsheets.


What you measure, you can improve. Maximize employee advocacy efforts with detailed metrics on employee engagement and content performance. Know the ROI of all your branding efforts.


What types of companies use FirmPlay?

The world's fastest growing companies across multiple industries:

High Tech

Including the largest colocation data center provider in the world.


Including one of the fastest growing IT services company in the United States.


Including the fastest growing network of dental practices in the United States.


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Find out how FirmPlay can help you harness the power of your employees on social media to drive world-class growth.


"Before FirmPlay, managing our Employee Ambassador Program was a manual and inefficient process.  We couldn't easily push, pull, or measure the effectiveness of our content. FirmPlay provides a single platform for our employees to engage with, and allows us to amplify content by geography, team, and role.  Tracking and quantifying the impact this has on our overall awareness goals is major. FirmPlay is an integral part of our Ambassador Program.”

Wendell Davis
Senior Manager, Social Media at Equinix


Seamlessly integrate FirmPlay within your existing workflow

From major social platforms to Single Sign-On, FirmPlay's built-in integrations play nicely with the tools you and your employees already use.


See FirmPlay in Action


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