Find qualified employee referrals for your open jobs in minutes, not days or weeks.

Find qualified employee referrals for your open jobs in minutes, not days or weeks.

Introducing the employee referral acceleration platform built for busy, take-charge recruiters who need to fill jobs yesterday. Just invite your employees to connect their networks to instantly find the best referral candidates and match them to your open jobs.


FREE for up to 20 employees! No credit card required.
Currently in limited early access for companies in NYC.


Simple. Powerful. Affordable.

Software built for anyone in charge of hiring that needs to quickly find quality referral hires to grow their teams — from founders to CEOs to hiring managers to...well, recruiters, of course.

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Fill jobs faster by sourcing referrals in minutes, not days or weeks.

No more sitting around and waiting for your team to submit referrals. FirmPlay's technology instantly creates an on-demand talent pool from your employees' connected networks, complete with work history, skills, social profiles and contact information.


Get more qualified referrals whose skills match your job requirements.

Powerful search filters help you quickly find best-fit referral candidates for any job, any time. Avoid wasting time with low quality referral submissions from employees.


Connect with more qualified referrals via warm intros from your employees.

Improve the odds of engaging with referral candidates, who are likely to be passive, by leveraging your team for warm intros. Or roll the dice and reach out cold. No judgement.


Make the referral process easier for your employees.

Reduce the burden on your employees to successfully refer people. No more spammy “refer someone” or “share this job” company-wide email blasts for every new job opening. Once employees connect their networks, only prompt them for a warm intro to great referral candidates in their networks.



FirmPlay scales with your team.

No annual contracts. No long-term commitments. No matter your company’s size, it's free to use for up to 20 employees. Add more employees to grow your referral talent pool for just $5 per employee per month.