Search and talk to anyone in your employees' networks.

Meet FirmPlay

Tap into your employees' social networks & build a talent pipeline that drives hires. In just minutes a week.


Say Hello to Your Secret Weapon: Your Employees' Networks

The best recruiting operations all have one thing in common: their best recruiters are their employees. Their voice is trusted and their networks are full of talent with similar skills and interests. 

FirmPlay lets you harness their trusted voice on social media, to generate word-of-mouth that drives leads and hires.

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Built for Busy Recruiting Teams

Your team is busy - they don't need another tool to babysit. That's why FirmPlay has been built with automation in mind. From ready-to-go templates to automated content curation, fill your pipeline with your employees' connections in just minutes a week.


An Interface Employees Know & Love

FirmPlay looks and feels like the major social media sites that everyone already uses. Your ambassadors access their FirmPlay feeds from any device, where they'll find your pre-approved posts waiting for them. In just the click of a button, they share the posts with their personal networks, putting your brand front and center.

Points and leaderboards encourage (friendly) competition and sharing among your ambassadors...and ensure you get the exposure and leads you deserve.


Drive Leads & Hires, Not Just Awareness

Getting your name out there is invaluable. But how do you turn that awareness into leads? FirmPlay places a call-to-action with your branding on every piece of content your employees share. Your employees' connections click on the call-to-action, and voila - they're now on your careers page.

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Easy to Try. Even Easier to Prove It Works.

No leaps of faith. No risky gambles. Budgets are tight, so you need to know before you invest. That's why we encourage you to try FirmPlay for yourself with a free trial.

We're confident you'll like what you see. And you'll have the numbers to prove it, because FirmPlay is built entirely around data. From social reach to awareness, clicks, traffic, and leads, you'll know exactly how FirmPlay is impacting your recruiting.


Stop Ignoring Your Best Recruiting Weapon

Find out how you can drive high quality talent from your employees' networks straight into your hands