Search and talk to anyone in your employees' networks.

Social Recruiting with the Trusted Voice of Your Employees

FirmPlay's social recruiting software automatically drives awareness, applicants, & hires from your employees' networks, the #1 source of top talent.


The Recruiting Odds Are Stacked Against You

Time and budget aren't your only enemies. Today's top talent:

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Spends more time on social media than anywhere else online


Trusts your employees more than they trust you


Has probably never heard of you, let alone is ready to apply


Fight Back With FirmPlay's Social Employee Advocacy

In just minutes a week, turn your employees’ large, high-quality social networks into leads for your talent pipeline. So you and your team can focus on priority #1: closing reqs.

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1 | Set It & Forget It

Pull in content that your company already shares, as well as smart content from across the web that features your company or industry.

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2 | Let Your Colleagues Do the Rest

FirmPlay sends your content to your colleagues, who then share it with their social networks. Exactly where top talent spends their time.

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3 | Watch Your Talent Pipeline Grow

FirmPlay's technology gets to work, boosting your brand awareness and driving high quality applicants from your employees' networks into your hands.

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With FirmPlay, we capture leads that are higher caliber than we might get from other channels. We’ve seen them move through the funnel to interview, to offer, and even to hire.
— John Murphy, Director of Talent Acquisition, ADMI

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