FirmPlay's social recruiting software gives talent acquisition teams access to the most powerful recruiters: your employees

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FirmPlay's platform helps recruiters and employees boost their company's presence on social media to attract and convert top talent. All through one seamless, easy-to-use platform.

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How FirmPlay Works

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Curate Content in Minutes

Effortlessly pull in content from across the web that features your company or industry.

Make It Fool-Proof For Your Employees

Send your pre-approved content to your employees' personal feeds. A simple, familiar interface and gamification ensure engagement.


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Tap Into Your Employees' Networks

Your employees scan your pre-approved content and share it with their personal social networks.

Drive Traffic, Applicants, & Hires

Your employees' connections read your content, then visit your careers site to learn about you and apply. Drive business outcomes, not just vanity metrics.

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Measure Everything

Know how every employee and piece of content is impacting your business outcomes with our end-to-end metrics.


See FirmPlay in Action

Find out how FirmPlay can help you harness the power of your employees on social media to drive hires