FirmPlay's software gives teams a quick, easy way to stay active on social media and build relationships with prospects

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FirmPlay's platform helps teams of salespeople and recruiters stay top-of-mind with prospects on social media. All through one seamless, easy-to-use platform.

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How FirmPlay Works

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Discover Content Effortlessly

Automatically pull in content that your company already shares, as well as smart content from across the web that features your company or industry.

Make It Foolproof For Your Team

Send your pre-approved content to your team. Points and leaderboards ensure (friendly) competition and sharing.


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Share in One Click

Your team shares your pre-approved content with their social networks, where prospects see it.

Drive Engagement & Conversions

Prospects read your content, then visit your site to learn more. Drive business outcomes, not just vanity metrics.

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Measure Everything

Know how every team member and piece of content is impacting your business outcomes with our end-to-end metrics.


See FirmPlay in Action

Find out how FirmPlay can help you arm your team with social media superpowers