FirmPlay's platform helps thousands of employees boost their company's presence on social media to attract the talent that's critical for growth. All through one seamless, easy-to-use platform.

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Create amazing recruiting content in minutes

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Collect employee insights in text or video form and gather the photos they capture with their phones. Maintain full control over what gets shared. 


Make your employee-generated content social media-ready in just minutes.

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Share your employees' content everywhere. It's automatically optimized to look (and perform) well on social media.

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Curate the news you and your employees care about


Create feeds based on the keywords and profiles that matter to you and your employees. Pull in posts, articles, and more from across the web.


Know which teams you should share that content with - and even predict how much your employees will like it.


Your employees can scan the content you share with them in their personal feed, and instantly share what resonates with them.

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Promote your employer brand on social media


Amplify the reach of your social media posts by up to 10x via your employees.


Position your employees as thought leaders by making it easy for them to reshare and comment on your pre-approved content.


Incentivize your employees to share on social media through gamification and friendly competition.

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Measure and refine your employee advocacy program


See your entire program's performance in a glance.


Get individual and team level details, and see who is most engaged in your employee advocacy program.



Put a dollar amount on what your employee advocacy program is getting you. True ROI, finally.

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