Find qualified employee referrals for your open jobs in minutes, not days or weeks.

FirmPlay scales with your team.

No matter your company's size, try it free with up to 20 employees. Add more employees to grow your referral talent pool for just $5 per employee per month.

Currently in limited early access for companies in NYC.


All the features you need to find qualified employee referrals for your open jobs in minutes, not days or weeks.  

  Candidate data enrichment
  Intelligent search filters
  Candidate outreach email templates

  25+ ATS integrations
  Unlimited jobs
  Unlimited hires

  Unlimited admins
  Email and phone support
  Training and rollout support


 Have questions? We’ve got answers.


What makes FirmPlay better than my current process of getting employee referrals?

Glad you asked! We’re more than just a product. We’re offering a new vision for how companies should approach employee referrals. Read our manifesto to find out why.

Can I still use FirmPlay if I’m not a recruiter?

Yes! We’ve made the software easy to use so that anybody tasked with hiring (looking at you scrappy founders, hiring managers, team leaders, etc.) can quickly invite colleagues and start finding referral hires to fill those critical open jobs.

What’s with the free plan?

We strongly believe the best way to know if a product will work for you is to try it yourself. So your free account comes with 20 employee seats for your team or company. The average person has over 600 contacts, so you can build a referral talent pool of over 12,000 people. And hopefully find some good referrals!

How do employees connect their networks?

Today, employees can add their contacts from LinkedIn, Gmail and Outlook. We’re always looking to add more so stay tuned.

How do you turn employees’ uploaded contacts into searchable candidate profiles?

Magic! Not really, but kind of. In short, we leverage big data to scour hundreds of online data sources to enrich those contacts with the information you need to match them to your jobs — from work experience to skills to social profiles to contact information.

Is the imported contact data safe?

Absolutely. FirmPlay takes your (and your contacts’) privacy seriously. We never message your contacts without your permission, and we can’t see anything in your networks (no emails, messages, posts, profiles, etc). Any data in your FirmPlay account is your own (not ours), your information is not accessed by anyone else or sold to anyone. You can also remove your contacts at any time.

Plus, all user data is securely stored in a backed up, encrypted cloud database. The system uses SSL security, databases are encrypted and the hardware has top of the range firewalls so it's super secure and stable.

Are more advanced features like ATS integration and single sign-on available?

Yes, we integrate with 25+ applicant tracking systems out of the box. Please contact us to find out if your ATS is included. Single sign-on is not a standard feature, but if it’s critical to your organization, please contact us and we’re happy to discuss the options available to you.

What’s the deal with “per employee” pricing?

As more employees’ upload their contacts, you build a more robust referral talent pool to search and hire from. “Per employee” is the monthly cost for each employee you’ve invited to upload their contacts. First 20 employees are always free. You’re only charged for additional employees beyond 20.

You can add or remove employees from within your account any time. Both free and paid plans also include unlimited admins (e.g. recruiters, hiring managers, etc.). Note that if an admin also uploads their contacts then they will count towards the “per employee” cost.

Wait, I have more questions!

Well, we sound like a broken record now. But, if you have more questions just shoot us an email at