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Equinix, the world’s largest data center and colocation services provider, is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. But its 180+ data centers in 44 markets on five continents give the company a global footprint.

To continue its run to 60 consecutive quarters of revenue growth, Equinix needed to better connect its employees and empower them as social media ambassadors of the company.

Find out how Equinix became a social company, engaging hundreds of ambassadors in over a dozen countries to broaden its social media reach by 5x.

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FirmPlay provides a single platform for our employees to engage with, and allows us to amplify content by team, geography, and role.  Tracking and quantifying the impact this has on our overall awareness goals is major.
— Wendell Davis, Senior Manager of Social Media, Equinix

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Aspen Dental, the fastest growing network of dental practices in the United States, consists of nearly 700 dental practices across almost 40 states. The CEO set a growth mandate of opening a new office every 6 days, a daunting recruiting challenge further exacerbated by an extremely competitive talent market that sees just 3,500 dental school graduates a year.

To continue its tremendous growth and hire the best dentists from a tight talent market, Aspen Dental needed to tap into the high quality, well-connected networks of its own ~1,000 dentists and office support staff.

Find out how Aspen Dental put the voice of its own talent front and center on social media to drive leads into its talent pipeline.

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With FirmPlay, we capture leads that are higher caliber than we might get from other channels. We’ve seen them move through the funnel to interview, to offer, and even to hire.
— John Murphy, Director of Talent Acquisition, ADMI

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