[Ep.7] Stand Out From the Pack & Boost Your Candidate Experience


If you’re not impressed when a candidate says “I’m detail-oriented” or “I’m hard-working,” then why would you expect candidates to be impressed when you say “We’re innovative!” or “We work hard, play hard” or “The people are the best part about working here”…. ?

If general statements from a candidate do nothing to help them stand out, then equally general platitudes do nothing to differentiate you as an employer.

What if instead of vague generalities that any company can say, you went deeper?

What if you shared your employees’ stories - the veteran who successfully transitioned from leading troops overseas to managing colleagues within your company, and what that change was like? Or the mom who was able to take advantage of your extended maternity leave and remote work options, and what that meant to her? Or the recent grad who just finished a rotational training program, and has now found the perfect role?

What if instead of corporate-speaking your way to a one-size-fits-all description of your company…you told the unique stories that only YOU can tell? 

These are the stories that separate you from the pack as an employer and make candidates think, "Now I’m curious. I think I'd like to know more."