[Ep.5] Want Buy-In for Employee-Powered Recruiting? Forget Everything & Start With Your Strategic Objectives


Employee-Powered Recruiting tactics may intrigue you - but unless you can tie them to an existing strategic objective at your company, you’ll be left with intrigue and not much else.

Today we share a few of the most common recruiting objectives that our EPR tactics can fall under. Knowing this can help you get the buy-in you need to get started with Employee-Powered Recruiting.

Here are the objectives (+ example EPR tactics) we cover:

  • Objective #1: High Growth (referrals; campus recruiting)

  • Objective #2: Improve Recruiting KPIs (referrals)

  • Objective #3: Candidate/Employee Experience (social employee advocacy; campus recruiting)

  • Objective #4: Diversity (referrals; didn’t mention in video but employee testimonials are great here)

Figure this part out, and the rest will follow seamlessly (e.g. implementation plans, ROI calcs, vendor selection, etc).

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