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2018 Benchmarking Insights [RECORDED WEBINAR]
Growing Your Talent Pipeline with Social Recruiting


How do the world's top companies use social recruiting to grow their talent pipeline?
Join us to find out – and learn how you compare.


In 2018, FirmPlay commissioned a survey to find out how recruitment marketing, employer branding, and talent acquisition teams leverage social media to build their talent pipelines. We summarized our findings in the inaugural 2018 Benchmarking Insights Report: Growing Your Talent Pipeline With Social Recruiting. 

While the report is a great resource, we wanted to dig deeper into the report findings and provide best practices, tips, and tricks you can use to step up your social recruiting game for 2018 and beyond. 

In this 60-minute webinar for talent teams investing in social media, recruitment marketing, and employer branding tactics, we cover:

  1. Key benchmarks for your recruitment marketing efforts

  2. Innovative recruitment marketing and social media tactics that can help you gain an edge over the competition

  3. Case study of a company who has used social media to not only drive awareness, but also drive leads

  4. Q&A with Jason Rivas, founder of FirmPlay, who is helping companies gain an edge in social recruiting by turning employees into brand ambassadors