Today's social recruiting approaches aren't working

Build Social Following

  • Buy-in/budget erodes as efforts take too long to build meaningful reach & conversions
  • Difficult for brands to get their social posts seen organically

Pay For Social Advertising

  • Over 50% of people distrust ads online
  • Low trust = Low conversions = Large ad budget needed to drive any meaningful results

Ask Employees to Share Jobs

  • Job postings are poor at communicating your employer brand
  • Only target 27% of talent pool who are active job seekers; miss out on 73% that's passive
  • Not sustainable. Employees will only spam their networks with jobs up to a certain point

FirmPlay gives you the reach, trust, & conversions that other approaches can't

  • Reach. Just 100 employee ambassadors sharing content could potentially reach 100k people, over 90% of which are new to your brand
  • Trust. Messages from friends and family are 2x more trusted than brands
  • Conversions. 88% of employers say employees’ networks are the #1 source of high quality candidates