Today's Top Talent

Today's hard-to-find talent increasingly looks for a transparent, authentic picture of life at a company when considering their next move. They're social media natives, love online reviews, comparison shop for everything (including their next employer), and trust recommendations from friends and family more than any other form of advertising.

Enter: Your Employees

Taken together, your employees have up to 10x the social reach your company has, are already talking about you online, and are your most trusted internal spokesperson. Their voice is exactly what top talent wants to hear. Simply put: your employees are your most powerful recruiting weapon.

Activate Your Best Recruiting Weapon with FirmPlay

FirmPlay was built to help you activate and harness the recruiting power of your employees on social media. We help you curate content that engages your employees, encourages them to share it (and your employer brand messaging) with their peers and social network, and drives applicants and hires.



About FirmPlay



While other social media solutions take a one-size-fits-all approach, FirmPlay's solution is laser focused on talent acquisition.



FirmPlay is 100% employee-owned and customer-funded, and hasn't taken a dime of VC money. That means our incentives are 100% aligned with our customers; we succeed only when they do.


Global Team

Like most of FirmPlay's clients, we're a global, distributed company with teammates that work and live around the world. We understand what it takes to keep a global team engaged.



See FirmPlay in Action

Find out how FirmPlay can help you harness the power of your employees on social media to drive hires.